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Experiences are life.

We know about people and we know that people like spending time with other people, that’s why people come together - they gather. The experiences they have individually and collectively are what they remember.

We’ve spend 30 years working with gatherings, entertaining, persuading and engaging people while they are together..

We’ve seen the inner child appear in the eyes of dinner attendees when we reveal a big surprise.

We’ve witnessed the raw emotions of shop managers coming to discover whether they will have a job tomorrow.

We’ve seen the faces of volunteers returning from social projects in Belize witnessing their experiences played back to them in our film.

We’re seen the anticipation in 6,000 faces waiting for us to open exhibition doors.

We’ve dealt with the most inspirational leaders, with powerful chief execs, with social enterprises, with charity volunteers, with Princes, Dukes, Knights and Lords. We’ve entertained computer gamers, nurses, lawyers, councillors, shop workers, factory workers, wedding guests and even wake attendees.

We’ve supported people with many different physical and mental disabilities, impairments, chronic pain sufferers, food allergy and intolerance sufferers.

We’ve witnessed violence, emergencies and injuries.

In every situation, with every group of people, whatever the reason they are there, we have been with them, known them and witness the humanity in every situation.

We know about people in real life.

Only by really knowing and understanding how people behave, and how their differences change the way they see or hear information, can you truly engage them through experiences.